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A holistic approach to continence promotion attempts to ensure the client gets the best possible service, advice and support, so they can meet their goals to improve their health and well-being.

Our service helps adults and children who:

  • Go to the toilet frequently
  • Go to the toilet too late
  • Get up more than twice a night
  • Those who wet the bed
  • Care for a relative or friend who is incontinent
  • Leak when they cough or sneeze
  • Experience constipation or faecal urgency or soiling
  • Might have a prolapse (bladder or bowel)
  • Need assessment for funding


Please contact us to discuss.

The service provides

  • Confidential advice
  • Comprehensive assessment
  • Individual management plans
  • Bladder/Bowel management
  • Pelvic floor muscle advice
  • Catheter education/management
  • Intermittent Self Catheterisation
  • Advice on use of continence aids and appliances
  • Assistance with applications of funding
  • Advice and education
  • Carer advice and assistance
  • Education and talks for staff involved in the care of residential/age care clients with incontinence
  • Bed wetting to toilet training
  • Skin care


Individuals can self-refer or can be referred by a health professional, carer or family member.

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