About CCS

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A continence service in the Illawarra and South coast that focuses on people living in the community who have acquired or have a congenital neurological condition in accessing support, advice and knowledge in continence.

Our continence advisor has been nursing locally for 30 years, with experience in peri-operative nursing, primary health nursing and a sound background in urology. Our service always provides client’s with best evidence practice resources and educates families, carers and health professionals who work with adults and children. We make sure that there is always a holistic approach to continence promotion and the service attempts to ensure the client gets the appropriate continence care and help about their incontinence problems.

Our service has a great interest in promoting awareness in bladder and bowel health and is specially passionate about preventative measures.

We have a wealth of experience with children who have a range of conditions and behavior preventing them from the acquisition of social continence. Always advocating on behalf of our client’s and their carers to ensure they have access to the most appropriate continence solutions. We are also passionate in assisting people of all cultures and vulnerable groups with a variety of health conditions to maximise their abitlity to participate in life.